High quality E-Quads / E-ATVs
Ecological worktools for farmer, hunter, vintner und visionaries

E-Quads / E-ATVs

With its very low noise emissions and ability to cope with almost any terrain, rough, smooth, hard or soft, it’s ideal for a wide variety of scenarios including working with animals, filming, search and rescue and so much more.


Rigorous testing has ensured the Eco Charger is a reliable working tool which requires less maintenance than conventional quads. It also has less moving parts, therefore less chance for error and in the unlikely event of an error, all Eco Chargers are eligible for 3 years warranty. 

Eliminator II

This is the flagship by Eco Charger®. This Bike boasts a series of impressive features and awesome performance:

  • 15 kW at 72 Volt
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Electric switchable 4WD
  • Power steering 

Innovative und exclusiv


Ride the bikes in challenging mountain area  


Capable Consulting for custom E-Quads


Qualified maintenance and repair


WildVolt.com offers innovative Solution for exclusive electromobility products.  Convince yourselfe from quality and power of Eco Charger, to fulfill your assignment sustainalbe. 

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